As you read through this website be reminded that what’s written here is not about Beth Powell—it’s about you. See yourself in these stories of change and begin to welcome their breakthrough into your own story. As you read them, you will experience the possibilities available to you.



Okay. So, here’s the deal. I was sitting, minding my own business actually, in a gathering of supercharged entrepreneurs, visionaries, teachers—you name it—where Beth was a presenter and, to tell you the truth, me sitting there; I was wondering why I was even in the room. Why had I come?Then the speaker asked a simple question. “Who here wants children? Please stand.”Suddenly, a volcano of ache and emotions welled up inside of me. You see, that “want” for me is impossible, humanly speaking. The clock has done run out, folks. Heck, I am not even married.So, a tidal wave went off inside, when I heard the words, “Please stand.” The fight was on. Not only was this mocking “want” buried so deep in its coffin that I didn’t believe what I was experiencing, to stand among 90-plus people meant looking, for the millionth time, like the odd ball out and, to be honest, more than ridiculous.But, gosh, what do you have to lose in moments like that? So yeah, I stood. Willing to be, once again, The Fool.That’s when I felt what I can only describe as Divine Compassion. An infinite acknowledgment of the years of me being the one whose life didn’t look like the crowd. Yes. A Compassion that understood the shame, sorrow and all that goes with the lie, “your ship has sailed, baby,”You know what I am talking about—I know you do.In that moment, willing to look like an idiot acknowledging the “want,” Love shanghaied me. I felt understood in ways I don’t have words for. And even more so, I caught a glimpse of the impossible being possible. Truly.Is this making any sense? I hope so.Over the next two days, as I connected with Beth, I somehow knew that we were meant to go together down a road of freedom—my freedom. Although we have just started this process, I can tell you that working with her is nothing like quicksand hope, fruitless navel-gazing, or yet another highly marketed co-dependent self-help program.Beth is for you—the real you being revealed and manifested. I don’t know how else to say this, but something supernatural happens when Beth talks with you. It is as though Divine Compassion joins your conversation and you get to discover—hang on here, folks—“Imago Dei”, the unique image of God that is you. That is me.Sound wild? No kidding. But I deeply encourage you to give Beth a call. Have a conversation. Take a chance.Please stand up. For you.

Beth’s coaching is more than therapy for me on 1000 levels. I don’t even know how to say it. I feel more shifts internally and releases than I have had in many years of counseling.

— Teresa Lubovich


“Beth is a pioneer. She is revolutionizing. She is a restorer of what is lost. She is an unlocker of peoples’ full potential.”

— Brittany W.



I am a time collapser, an unraveler, an unveiler.I enjoy making the would-be slow happen in a can-be fast sort of way.Your way of “being” is so highly important to who you are and how you are existing. As we work through your way of “being”, your awareness will increase of all the possibilities already available to you and you will learn the great capacity you have within you to create them.In my history as a psychotherapist, I watched my clients work through issues over months—even years. I now know that your experience of “becoming” doesn’t need to be arduous, lengthy, or labor-intensive—it really comes in a few simple moments. Let time collapse around you as you come into “being.”



Our bodies are vessels of our past, present, and future. I work with you to quickly bring these parts together and remove delay from your life and purpose, providing clarity and ease that reduce toil and struggle. You will be empowered to access your full capability.This is not your standard thought redirection: flip a negative thought into a positive one. The human psyche is too intelligent to simply be told a new idea and be expected to just eat it. I root out the source of the weaknesses in your foundations so that you can not only rebuild but have a whole new world to create in.

She is a quiet fire that stirs you into being.
Gentle but forthright—a wholesome, salt-of-the-earth presence that creates a steadiness in the atmosphere, perfect for birthing breakthrough.

Jackie Groleau
—Personal Coach, Bloom Consulting



Expect lightness. Expect ease. Expect to be birthed and to be in awe of yourself and your mastery. Expect to be amazed by the world you create around you.We have emotions and belief systems that most of us are unaware of that can be sourced in ourselves or in messaging that influences us from the outside world. These belief systems run quietly in the background of our lives and are secretly the foundation of why we do everything we do.By exposing and undoing these emotions and thoughts, you can expect powerful transformation that changes everything. One client even reported that their taste buds and food cravings changed after releasing emotions that did not serve them any longer. This is how deeply what we feel and believe manifests in our being—it really goes down to our core and is the root of empowering the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

I am loved!
I am triumphant.
I am safe.
I am protected.


I am wonderful.
I am safe.
I am steady.
I am steadfast.
I am a giant.




There is no question that this whole thing is a bit unusual. How could something that has taken someone years to resolve just be sort of unraveled like pulling a loose thread on a favorite sweater, simply and steadily, to reveal the person underneath—gradually, and then suddenly, all at once, to show an existing, breathing person beneath the wrappings of their life?That’s what unraveling does. It shows us that some of the things that cover us, no matter how they have served us in the past, can limit us in the present. This is your opportunity to expand into new. Initiated by a simple, clear choice—the choice to open to your good.


"God has given her eyes to see things that other people don’t see. She is able to see in two dimensions at once. She sees the spiritual components of things as well as the natural components.She has wisdom not just of man but a wisdom of heaven."


“I would’ve given her all of my life savings if that is what it cost. It’s priceless. I waited 20 years for this.I received more relief and healing in one session with Beth than in my decades-long journey through counseling, therapy, meditation, medication, deliverance, and countless self-help books. Beth’s gift is nothing less than miraculous—a true Godsend in desperate times. I believe she is faithfully fulfilling her calling and bringing heaven to earth. I can’t say enough!”


“I say I don’t like to keep bringing this up—but really I do. I just have to tell you after our session, which I know I’ve told you before, my gut and stomach—I just can’t even explain the difference to you. It was such a powerful session getting stuff out. I told you I was so ready for a divine encounter to get rid of the digestive issues and bring God in.I’m still reaping benefits—benefits like I didn’t even know would be a part of the breakthrough. What we worked through with the session—not that I don’t have some food cravings—but I’m just telling you they’ve, like, diminished for the most part.I have continued to drop weight. I’m going to the bathroom regularly. I’m not as bloated. I just have to keep telling you—it’s amazing. I even was telling my friend she should talk to you. I was like, ‘listen, I’m just telling you—Beth works miracles.’”


“I found in my own life that I didn’t even realize that certain emotions and feelings were causing a block to my healing and growth. Once these areas were released healing and growth occurred. Anyone who’s having repeating patterns replay in their life needs a session with Beth—it’s life changing.”

Débora Parsons

“In my experience, it doesn’t necessarily take years to heal the soul and body. I always knew that my spirit was doing great, but why on earth was I battling with soul and body issues? I didn’t seem to get to the heart of it. My husband is the one who encouraged me to meet with Beth. I loved how simple and effective our sessions were. Right to the point. I’m now free and 100% healed—soul and body. I finally feel whole with my spirit.”

Mark Lubovich

Beth saw and honored me in a moment when I was stuck in my thoughts and could not get the words out. As I walk out my journey, so much of my past shows up at the table, but through God and my work, it is being pushed off. By pushing so much off the table that does not belong there, I can start seeing the table top and my divine design more clearly.

Vanessa Skidmore

I have spent well over $100,000 on sessions with gurus of all kinds in my life. I am a Christian who has been dealing with a number of major personal challenges this year. Beth blew me away. I literally had a breakthrough like never before.

Xavier LeMond

Even when you’re committed to pursuing God, obstacles, incidents, and false beliefs can hinder the development of a direct relationship with the Almighty. I’ve never met anyone more gifted than Beth Powell at guiding me past those external and internal obstructions.Getting to know God personally is a matter of spiritual transformation, not behavioral modification and no one I know is more adept and aligned with the Divine than Beth.While I expected to undergo spiritual refinement working with her, I didn’t expect it to be a multi-step process of remodeling. But I experienced divine insight after divine insight and renewal after renewal, each bringing my spiritual identity into closer alignment with my Heavenly Father.I continued to be transformed even after I thought I couldn’t possibly have any more transformation left in me.I’m grateful I was wrong.If you ever get the chance to work with Beth directly, take it. You won’t regret it. You’ll grow more spiritually than you think possible, be forever changed, and find yourself divinely empowered in ways you can’t imagine yet.


“When I started working with Beth, I really was struggling with self-confidence. I was running my own business and really felt like I was unhappy or unable to find joy in my business, but also in myself and in my family. My self-criticism was really high, and I reached out to Beth at this point of desperation of just feeling like this can't get any better and maybe someone could help.Since working with Beth, she has brought so much peace and joy and freedom into my life. And in fact, I remember our first session working together where Beth was praying for me and this breakthrough came over me where I just felt this jubilant sense of joy, like I was carrying balloons. Then these balloons pulled me off into the sky and I thought, ‘Gosh, I can't wait until my family gets home and they can see how joyful I am. I wonder if they’re going to notice a difference in me.’The fascinating thing is, that night when my family got home, instead of them noticing a difference in me, I found I saw a difference in them—that my joy and freedom were reflected right back at me. It was this beautiful moment, especially as a wife and a mother, where I realized that my healing had this ripple effect on the others around me.I've done counseling and I have met with pastors. I have been to naturopaths—Beth is this beautiful combination of all of those things with this ability to marry what's going on physiologically with what's going on spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It gives an opportunity for breakthrough in a way that you can't get if you're looking at any one of those things on a singular basis.”


“She gives you the distinct impression that she is genuinely happy to see you and excited to be in your presence. Beth has the gift of discerning the essence of true identity that we may recognize in ourselves but are not fully walking in. She captures and apprehends the truth in a way that enables the hearer to receive it and make it a part of their identity. Beth goes right past asking about your past or your hurts, but instead hears from God about your true identity, and moves right into declaring powerful new identity, wholeness and completeness over you. She honestly sees a version of yourself that you may not even be aware is there, and gives you declarations of truth that help you to speak that identity into existence. I believe that Beth is able to accomplish in a short period of time what people have often tried to achieve during multiple previous healing sessions.”

Misti Lusher

Beth is exceptional; she straddles the world between the practical and the spiritual. Her character is true and there is no illusion. She is an astute woman with a grounded foundation of Christ, life, and family. Her love is pure and healing and is a treat not to be missed. I esteem this lady to the high heavens for her holiness and bright light.

Teresa Lubovich

Beth’s coaching is more than therapy for me on 1000 levels. I don’t even know how to say it. I feel more shifts internally and releases than I have had in many years of counseling.Working with Beth has undoubtedly released decades of old beliefs that I was unaware of and how they impacted my life every day. I have felt more momentum, freedom, and shifts than I did with years and years of traditional therapy—in a super short amount of time.It makes me wish I’d met Beth SO MUCH EARLIER in my life! What an amazing transformation I’ve had working with her. My hot flashes have disappeared, joint pain has gone away, my thinking has changed, and I’m walking taller. I’m so thankful for what Beth provides that I’ve even sent a bunch of my friends to her!

The Journey: A timeline showing you all the beloved programs.


• 1:1 access for the duration of our journey together.

• Release | Realign | Restore in each session.

• Results within 3 sessions.



STEP 1: Create a possibility by contacting me.STEP 2: Be.Loved Possibility Call to explore what we can create together.STEP 3: VROOM. VROOM. Your journey begins.(Serious inquiries only, please)


You can finally rest. You are fully yourself and love being you. You are home.